Beth Minardi Salon Specializes in Multidimensional Color

As one of the best hair salons in NYC, Beth Minardi provides the latest in hair coloring techniques to keep you looking your best. One of the hottest current trends for hair color in New York is multidimensional hues. This technique is particularly popular among older women as it helps bring back the vibrancy of youthful hair with its variety of colors.

Our hair color experts can easily transform drab, flat looking strands into a subtle, yet radiant mixtures of highlights and lowlights against a base color. We can achieve this effect via several customized methods. One is to use a multidimensional dye with a combination of different dye molecules to deepen darker strands while washing grey hair into highlights. Because we are one of the best hair salons in NYC, we can also provide a more dramatic look through other methods such as foils, caps and even hand painting hair. Through these more precise methods, we are able to give you some of the most stunning hair color in New York City.

Almost everyone is familiar with highlighting. This is the process whereby selected strands receive lighter color. Highlights should complement your complexion. Often women will over highlight their hair, making their complexion looked washed out. The Beth Minardi hair color experts will give you just the right amount of highlights and even add lowlights to balance overall color and give you the multidimensional look you crave. Lowlighting makes selected strands darker, helps blend your highlights into your natural base color and even helps mask root outgrowth. In some instances, contrasting colors may be added for an even more dramatic effect.

For darker hair, we usually recommend not to go more than three shades lighter than your natural hair color for highlights. Lowlighting choices include tones such as reds, coppers and golds. Natural blondes have a wider range of choices and do not have to strictly adhere to the three shade rule for highlighting. Gold and copper lowlights work best for blonds with very fair skin as these combinations of hues prevent brassiness and won't wash out pale complexions.