The Haircolor You Have Always Dreamed Of: It's Yours!

If you want your hair color to look its very best,  I can give you the color you've always dreamed of.  Visit me here in Manhattan! Coloring hair is my greatest passion and my vocation. I know how critical beautiful, flattering, better-than-natural color is to a person's image. And now, men as well as women realize that the softest adjustment in tone or percentage of gray can vastly improve how they feel and how they appear to others. 

Creating gorgeous shades of blonde, brunette and red is my professional joy. And, covering gray and correcting color errors are scenarios with which I am extremely proficient. I know that color reflects an individual's personality. Haircolor is one way people express their lifestyle, their aspirations and their spirit. I believe everyone should enjoy shiny, healthy, enviable hair .... and that's what my career is all about! 

I look forward to seeing you at Beth Minardi in Mark Garrison Salon. 

Call for your appointment today: (212) 400-8000.

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